Monday, July 23, 2012

Move Over Baseball, America Has a New Pastime

Good-bye peanuts, so long cracker jacks, I think it’s time we acknowledge our new past-time. Just to be clear, “our” refers to what’s left of/what once was the middle class. We as a segment of society have gotten so good at it, and it has proliferated so much of our everyday lives, that at this point I am fairly certain that it goes completely unnoticed by most, and completely ignored by the rest.

I’m talking about what can only be best described as Faking the Funk.

This isn’t as humorous a topic as I would have liked it be.  Simply because after years and years of borrowing other people’s money to pretend that “we got it like that”, it became impossible for everybody everywhere to pretend that we couldn’t smell the stink that we called an economy.

I’m hopeful now, that because so many people are out of a job, or not working as much as they would like, and nobody seems to have any money anymore that it can finally become socially acceptable for us to cut back and live within our means. The goal is for the equation Frugal = Cool to be the new E = MC2 .

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