Sunday, July 22, 2012

Most Popular Job in America

Four years ago the economy went into a recession, and just so you know, kinda hasn’t really come out of it yet. But in the time between then and now, everyone [and I mean everyone] has slowly been evolving into a Junior Economist which by now has to be the most popular job in America. 

It’s one thing to have an opinion; we all have one, and indeed are entitled to, but it has gotten to the point that the innate ability of the common man to analyze and interpret economic sentiment is becoming the basis for explaining every type of hardship and misfortune that is befallen.

“Well ya know, we are in a recession”, or “dude ya know how the economy is right now” and a many variation of the response now flows off the tongue with the greatest of ease. Tongues that a couple years ago would not be caught dead wrapped around any those same words.


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